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Structural Strengthening

of the chancel

Over a number of years, it became increasingly obvious that the floor of the chancel was slowly sinking in the centre, and ended around 15cm below the original position. Investigative work was carried out in 2018, showing that the top end of the church needed to be repaired from underneath. 

As you can imagine, carrying out this kind of work on a Victorian church is not quick, easy or cheap. Work began in January 2020, and continued during lockdown, taking almost six months to complete. The project cost almost £140,000, funded by grants and donations.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us, including a number of grants we have received from the organisations below. 

“The true church can never fail.

For it is built upon a rock”  

T.S. Eliot


Our grateful thanks to the following organisations who have made grants towards our restoration work. 


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